Joint Coordinator of CIB W104
KENDALL, Stephen H.
Ph.D. (MIT)
Emeritus Professor of Architecture,
Ball State University, United States


Postal Address:
Infill Systems US LLC,
220 West Durand Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19119

E-mail Address:


• 1985-87 Ph.D., Architecture. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Design Theory and Methods; Professor John Habraken, Advisor; Professors Schön and Dluhosch, committee members; Thesis: "Control of Parts: Parts Making in the Building Industry". (1990)
• 1972-74 Masters of Architecture and Urban Design. School of Architecture, Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, (l976)
• 1964-70 B.S. in Architecture, College of Design, Architecture, Art &, Planning, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio (co-op program) (1970)

Teaching Experience

• 2005- Professor of Architecture, Ball State University
• 1999-2004 Associate Professor of Architecture, Ball State University
• 1992-99 Associate Professor of Interior Design, Marymount University, Arlington,VA.
• 1991-92 Visiting Assoc. Professor, Cal Poly Dept. of Architecture, San Luis Obispo, in residence at the Washington/Alexandria Consortium, Alexandria, Va.
• 1988-91 Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Planning, Catholic University, Washington, DC.
• 1987-88 Assistant Professor, College of Environmental Design, University of Colorado, Boulder.
• 1985-87 MIT Dept. of Architecture; Assistant to Prof. N. John Habraken, Thematic Design Theory/Methods; SMArchS Thesis reader.
• 1981-85 Assistant Professor, College of Environmental Design, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Funded Research

• 2004 "Health by Design: Interdisciplinary curriculum development. Ball State University Discovery Grant. Co-PI with Bruce Frankel, David Gobble and Charles Jones. ($35,000)
• 2004 Development of a SHELL/FIT-OUT Townhouse: Estridge Companies. ($5000)
• 2001-3 Japanese Ministry of Education: "Conversion of Office Buildings to Housing; a three year comparative study." (three year subcontract) ($18,000)
• 2000 "Best Practices in Removing Zoning Ordinance Barriers to Adaptive Reuse in Kansas City." (subcontract to Duncan Associates, Inc) ($1000)
• 2000 Ball State University Provost's Initiative Fund: "Forming a Research Alliance with the College of Business and the Housing Futures Institute." ($2000)
• 2000-03 American Institute of Architects Foundation: "Open Building For Health Care Facilities". ($5500)
• 1999 Ball State University International Programs Endowment: "Getting Reacquainted with the Commons: A Three Country Study of Housing and Urban Design." ($3000)
• 1999 Ball State University Twenty First Century Fund Grant: "Development of an Electronic Teaching Library." ($10,000)
• 1998 Foundation for Interior Design Education and Research (FIDER) "Strategic Stories" Research Project; 3 year study of leading practitioners and practices effecting the interior design profession and education.
• 1996 MITI "House Japan" Study of Aspects of the US Housing Industry: "DIY Activity in the US"; Housing Performance Indicators for Consumers in The US". Technical Reports and Lecture in Tokyo.
• 1996 Joel Polsky - Fixtures Furniture - FIDER Endowment Fund: "Open Systems: Assessing Compatibility between Access Floors and Systems Furniture".
• 1995-99 US Member, Jutaku Sogo Kenkyo Zaidan (Housing Policy Study Foundation) project: "Comparative Study of Rehabilitation of Multifamily Housing in the Mass Housing Era". (Germany, France, Denmark, Japan and the US.)
• 1995 Meiji University Department of Architecture; Distinguished Visiting Research Scholar; "Developments toward Open Building in Japan". (June, 1995)
• 1994 International Society of Interior Designers: "Open Building: A New Paradigm for Interior Design: Documentation of Projects in Japan and the Netherlands" (completed summer, 1994)
• 1989-90 Dept. of Architecture and Planning, Catholic University, Housing Technology Research: Funding source: The Mark Winkler Co.
• 1985-87 Dept. of Architecture, MIT; "Development of a Tool to Describe Control in the Staged Assembly of Buildings"; "Elements and Element Groups of the 2x4 System"; supported by the Grunsfeld Fund; report titled SHELL/INFILL: A Technical Study of a New Strategy for 2x4 House building.
• 1975-78 "Wooden Building Technologies / Roofing Research for Developing Countries" - Washington University Center for Development Tech., and Department of Architecture, US AID.

Published and Edited Books, Proceedings, Papers and Book Chapters

• 2004 "Open Building: A New Paradigm in Hospital Architecture", AIA Academy of Health Journal, Oct 27, 2004.
• 2004 Proceedings CIB W104 Open Building and Sustainable Environment, Editor. Paris, September 20-22, 2004. (hard copy of the abstracts + CD of full papers)
• 2004 "An Open Building Strategy for Balancing Production Efficiency and Consumer Choice in Housing" in NSF/PATH Housing Research Agenda Workshop Proceedings and Recommendations Vol I and II. Michigan State University, June 2004. pp 60-71.
• 2004 "An Open Building Strategy for Achieving Dwelling Unit Autonomy in Multi-unit Housing". Housing and Society. Vol 31, No.1, 2004. pp 89-99.
• 2003 "Long Term Sustainability of University Facilities". Proceedings, 5th Greening of the Campus Conference, Ball State University. October 2003. (CD)
• 2003 "Open Building in Health Care Architecture: The Case of the INO Project in Bern, Switzerland". Proceedings: Dense Living Urban Structures, CIB W104 Conference, Hong King. pp 106-114.
• 2003 "An Open Building Strategy for Converting Obsolete Office Buildings to Residential Uses". Proceedings, 11th Annual Conference on Lean Construction, Blacksburg,VA., pp 207-218.
• 2003 "Making Accommodating Residential Form: International Developments toward an Open Architecture" Proceedings 23rd Annual Conference of the International Association of Housing Science, Montreal, June 2003. (CD)
• 2003 "Performance on Levels". Measurement and Management of Architectural Value in Performance-Based Building. CIB Report Publication 283. Proceedings of CIB W60 /W96, Hong Kong, May, 2002. pp 35-42.
• 2003 "Product Bundling or Kitting: Balancing Efficiency and Variety for the Market". National Consortium of Housing Research Centers Session at the NAHB Builders Show, January 2003. Proceedings: Profit and Opportunity Beyond Traditional Building Practices, Michigan State University Urban Affairs Program. pp 7-21.
• 2002 "An Open Building Industry: Making Agile Buildings that Achieve Performance for Clients". Proceedings (vol 1 of 2) 10th Annual Symposium Construction Innovation and Global Competitiveness. University of Cincinnati and CIB, September, 2002. pp 267-284.
• 2001 "Control of Form and Space: A Basis for Comparison of Multifamily Housing in Japan and the United States". The Study of Japanese Style Multi-unit Housing. Professor Kazuo Tatsumi, Emeritus Professor Kyoto University - Study Group Leader. Fukuyama University, March 2001. pp 60-71.
• 2001 "Notes on Teaching Agile or Open Architecture". Proceedings: Agile Architecture Conference, TU Delft, Delft, the Netherlands. Pp 123-132.
• 2001 "Infill / Fit-Out Systems: Toward a Residential Infill Industry". (Guest editor) Open House International, vol. 26, no. 3, (editorial pp 3-4)
• 2000 "Toward Open Building: Practical Developments in Europe". Open House International, vol 25, no.4. pp 84-94.
• 1999 "Base Building and Fit-out: Principles for 21st Century Building Maintenance and Management". RE - Building Maintenance and Management. Tokyo (in Japanese), October, 1999. pp 18-27.
• 1999 "Open Building: An Approach to Sustainable Architecture". Journal of Urban Technology, December, 1999.
• 1999 Residential Open Building. co-authored with Jonathan Teicher. EF SPON, London. 1999.
• 1998 "Beyond Programmatic Functionalism: The Prospects for Open Building"; Proceedings, International Symposium on Open Building, Teipei, Taiwan.
• 1998 "Proceedings: CIB TG26 Open Building Implementation Meeting, Workshop and Symposium", Washington, DC, National Building Museum, Nov., 1997.
• 1998 The Encyclopedia of Housing, van Vliet (ed). Sage. 1998. pp 81-83, 83-86, 192-193, 264-265, 310-311, 315,316, 361-362, 570-571
• 1996 "Open Building: A New Multifamily Housing Paradigm". Urban Land, November, 1996.
• 1996 "Europe's 'Matura Infill System' Quickly Routes Utilities for Custom Remodeling". Automated Builder, May, 1996.
• 1995 "Rehabilitation of Multifamily Buildings in the United States" (in Japanese) Glass and Architecture, September, 1995.
• 1995 "Prospects for Open Building in the US Housing Industry", Proceedings, First International Conference on Open Building and Structure Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, PRC. pp 17-21.
• 1994 co-author with Karel Dekker, "Open Building for Housing Rehabilitation", Proceedings Future Visions of Urban Public Housing, University of Cincinnati. (ed Preiser,
• 1994 Book Review, Journal of Architectural and Planning Research; "Housing without Houses"(Hamdi), and "Participatory Design" (Sanoff), 11:3 (Autumn, 1994).
• 1994 "The Entangled American House", Blueprints, The National Building Museum, January, 1994. pp 2-7.
• 1993 "Open Building for Housing", Progressive Architecture, November, 1993.
• 1993 "Open Stock". The Construction Specifier, May, 1993 Construction Specifications Institute, Alexandria, Virginia. pp 110-118.
• 1993 "Marketing and Cost Deferral Benefits of Just-in-Time Units" (co-authored with David MacFadyen), Units, March, National Apartment Assoc., Washington, DC.
• 1991 book chapter: "The Place of Designing in Production Chains: A Basis for Design Education", in Temes de Disseny, Pedagogy of Design. Barcelona.
• 1991 "Representing Control in the Production of Artifacts", Architectural Research Centers Consortium Proceedings, Conference on "Reflections on Representation", SUNY Buffalo.
• 1991 "Ten Buildings: An Anatomy Study of Tenant Adaptability in Ten Base Building Projects"; Honorable Mention, AIA 1991 Education Honors.
• 1990 "Three Tools for Design Test Bed Analysis", Proceedings, Material Engineering Congress, American Society of Civil Engineers, Aug., 1990.
• 1990 "Shell/Infill: A Technical Study of A New Strategy for 2x4 House building"; Open House International, vol 15,no.1, 1990. pp 13-19.
• 1990 "A Base Building Pedagogy", Journal of Architectural Education, vol. 43, no. 2, 1990; pp 29-41.
• 1989 "On Design Reasoning: Lessons from Teaching Architectural Technology"; Proceedings, Symposium on Architecture and ACSA Technology Conference 89, Dr. Jason Shih, Editor.
• 1989 "On Design Reasoning: Lessons from Teaching Architectural Technology"; Design Studies, UK, April, 1989. pp 89-95.
• 1988 "Management Lessons in Housing Variety; Journal of Property Management, Chicago, Sept/Oct, 1988, pp. 22-27.
• 1987 "Shell/Infill: A Technical Study of a New Strategy for 2x4 Housebuilding"; Proceedings, Wood Frame Housing '87 International Conference, Oslo, Norway.
• 1987 "Changing Patterns in Japanese Housing" with Dr.Seiji Sawada, Special Issue of Open House International on "Changing Patterns in Japanese Housing"; vol. 12, no 2, July, 1987. (Guest Editor)
• 1987 "A Staged Assembly Process Research Tool - a working paper"; Proceedings of the International Congress on Planning and Design Theory, sponsored by the ASME, August, 1987, Boston.
• 1987 "Notes on Open Systems in Building Technology"; Building and Environment, UK, vol 22, no.2, 1987. pp 93-99.
• 1986 "Who's in Charge of Housing Innovation?", and "The Netherlands: Distinguishing Support and Infill"; ARCHITECTURE 10/1987. pp 87-94
• 1985 "Teaching Housing: Teaching with Supports and Tissues"; Tulane University Teaching Housing Symposium, September, 1985; ACSA Proceedings, Southwest Region Teaching Housing.
• 1984 "Teaching with Tissues: Reflections and Observations"; Open House International, vol 9, no. 4, l984, pp. 15-22.
• 1983 "The Grunsfeld Variations", a book review, Open House International, vol. 8, no. 1, l983, pp. 47-49
• 1982 "Teaching with Supports", Open House International, vol.7, no. 4, l982,
• 1977 "An Intermediate Housing Technology for the U.S.",Ekistics 259 June, l977
• 1976 "The Idea of Structures of Agreement: Housing and Resettlement in the Philippines", Glass and Architecture, Japan, June, l976
• 1976 "The Barangay as Community in the Philippines", Ekistics 242, January, l976.

Technical Reports

• 2004 "An Open Building Approach to the Conversion of Obsolete Office Buildings". A Building Futures Institute report, produced by the Mansur Real Estate Services, Indianapolis (to be published by Urban International Press, UK, in 2005).
• 2004 "Health by Design: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum"; with Tulay Guenes, MArch II graduate student at BSU. October 2004. (funded by BFI, Department of Architecture, and the Department of Urban Planning)
• 2002 "Conversion of Vacant Office Buildings to Housing in the United States". Report to the research committee of SUMCOB, University of Tokyo. February 2002.
• 2001 Final Report: "A Prototype Electronic Teaching Library". College of Architecture and Planning, Ball State University.
• 1998-2003 "Survey of Best Practices in Multifamily Rehabilitation: US Component of International Comparative Study"; for Jutaku Sogo Kenkyo Zaidan (Housing Policy Study Foundation) research project.
• 1998 Office Building Fit-out in the United States: Developments and Trends. 8000 word report for TNO Building Strategy Consultants, Delft, the Netherlands, and VTT Building Technology, Finland.
• 1997 Developments Toward Open Building: A Study of the Compatibility of Access Floors and Systems Furniture from Different Manufacturers. funded by the Joel Polsky Fixtures Furniture FIDER Endowment Fund.
• 1996 "Benning Park: The Story of a 276 Unit Residential Rehabilitation Project in Washington DC. "
• 1995 Developments Toward Open Building in Japan. Report on 25 Open Building related projects in Japan. Funded by Meiji University, Tokyo. Distribution in Japan, Europe and 30 US and Canadian School of Architecture libraries.
• 1994 "Systems Engineering Approaches to Development of Advanced Residential Buildings" Technology and Economics, Inc.; Proposal in Response to RFP No. RAR-4-14061. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US DOE.
• 1994 "Open Building: A New Approach to Multifamily Residential Constructon Which Reconciles Consumer Preferences and Efficient Production"; funding source: ISID (International Society of Interior Designers).
• 1986 "Shell/Infill: A Technical Study of a New Strategy for 2x4 Housebuilding"; MIT Design and Housing Group, Department of Architecture.

Editorship, Translation Support, and Paper Reviewer

• 2004 Invited Convener and keynote speaker of Session 10 of SB05 Tokyo: "Theories and Methods in Support of an Adaptable Building Stock", with Professor Masao Ando, Chair, Department of Architecture, Chiba University, Tokyo. Paper reviewer.
• 2004 Paper reviewer, SB04 (Sustainable Building 04 in South East Asia)
• 2002 Utida, Yositika, The Construction and Culture of Architecture Today: A View from Japan (bilingual). Ichigaya Publishing Co., Ltd, Tokyo, 2002
• 2001 "Infill / Fit-Out Systems: Toward a Residential Infill Industry". (Guest editor) Open House International, vol 26, no. 3,
• 1987 Guest Editor, June issue (vol.12, no.2), Open House International, special issue: "Changing Patterns of Housing in Japan".
• 1982-cont. International Editorial Board, Open House International, international journal on design, research and practice in the field of housing.

Selected Citations by others

• 2004 C.C.A.M. van den Thillart. Customized Industrialization in the Residential Sector: Mass Customization Modeling as a Tool for Benchmarking, Variation and Selection. Sun Publishers, Amsterdam (Invited quotation on book cover)
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• 1998 in: Habraken, N.J., The Structure of the Ordinary: Form and Control in the Built Environment. MIT Press, 1998. pp xx and xxi.

Conference Coordination

• 2004 Joint Coordinator, CIB W104 10th international conference, Paris
• 2003 Joint Coordinator, CIB W104 meeting, Hong Kong
• 2003 Indiana Construction Roundtable Symposium: "Making the Business Case for Building Green, October 2003, Indianapolis.
• 2002 Indiana Construction Roundtable Symposium: "Open Building for Health Care: The case of the INO Hospital, Bern", Switzerland. December 2002.
• 2002 Joint Coordinator, CIB W104 meeting, Mexico City, Mexico
• 2001 Joint Coordinator, CIB W104 meeting, Delft, the Netherlands
• 2000 Joint Coordinator, CIB W104 meeting, Tokyo, Japan
• 1999 Joint Coordinator, CIB TG26 meeting, Brighton, UK
• 1998 Joint Coordinator, CIB TG26 meetings, Helsinki, Finland and Taipei, Taiwan.
• 1997 Joint Coordinator and organizer of the CIB TG26 meeting and Open Building Symposium, National Building Museum, Washington, DC. co-organized by CIB; Washington Building Congress; Washington DC Chapter, AIA; CADRE Corporation, University of Maryland School of Architecture and financially supported by 15 companies and firms.
• 1997 CIB Task Group 26 Open Building Implementation; Delft.
• 1996 CIB Task Group 26 Open Building Implementation; Tokyo.
• 1994 National Open Building Workshop, hosted by Armstrong World Industries, Innovation Center, Lancaster, Pa. (co-directed with David MacFadyen)
• 1994 National Open Building Workshop, hosted by FannieMae Office of Housing Research, Washington, DC. (co-directed with David MacFadyen)
• 1986 Workshop Coordinator, Third Biennial Shelter Workshop on Developing Countries , sponsored by the MIT Department of Architecture, Design and Housing Program, summer, l986 (Hamdi and Goethert, Directors)

Lectures and Presentations

• 2004 Tokyo Metropolitan University, Meta-Technology Center for Metropolitan Metamorphosis Methods, Tokyo, Japan. International Workshop on Activation and Renewal of the Building Stock (panel moderator)
• 2003 Greening of the Campus Conference, Ball State University
• 2003 Kyoto University, Department of Architecture, Kyoto, Japan
• 2003 Tokyo Metropolitan University, Meta-Technology Center for Metropolitan Metamorphosis Methods, Tokyo, Japan
• 2003 University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture, Tokyo, Japan
• 2003 International Lean Construction Institute Conference, Blacksburg, VA.
• 2003 International Association of Housing Science Keynote Speaker, Montreal.
• 2003 National Association of Home Builders 2003 International Builders Show; National Consortium of Housing Research Centers educational session Profit and Opportunity beyond Traditional Building Practices: "Product Bundling or Kitting". January 22, 2003.
• 2002 Kansas State University Department of Architecture: "Making Accommodating Form"
• 2002 10th Annual Symposium: Construction Innovation and Global Competitiveness
• 2002 Lawrence Institute of Technology Department of Architecture
• 2001 TU Delft Agile Architecture Conference
• 2001 Shenzhen University, Department of Architecture, PR China
• 2001 University of Hong Kong, Department of Architecture
• 2001 Muncie Rotary International
• 2000 Lawrence Institute of Technology Department of Architecture
• 2000 University of Colorado, College of Environmental Design
• 1999 Two lectures in Korea: 10th Annual Korean Housing Association, Kwanju; Culture and Housing Seminar, Yongsei Univesity, Seoul, Korea.
• 1999 "The Role of Non-Profit Organizations in Rehabilitation of Multiunit Residential Buildings". Conference on Modernization and Renovation of Existing Multifamily Buildings of the Mass-Housing Era, Jutaku Sogo Kenkyu Zaidan (Housing Policy Study Foundation), Tokyo, Japan.
• 1998 "Beyond Programmatic Functionalism: The Prospects for Open Building"; Proceedings, International Symposium on Open Building, Teipei, Taiwan.
• 1998 Paper: "Open Building: An Approach to Sustainable Construction": Proceedings, CIBWorld Congress, G?vle, Sweden
• 1998 Paper: "Basic Principles of Open Building", International Open Building Conference, Helsinki, Finland
• 1998 Design Forum Roundtable: Haworth Inc, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
• 1998 Paper: "Open Building: Opportunities for Manufacturers". Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Architecture, Industry Roundtable. April, 1998
• 1997 Paper: "Housing Prepared for Adaptable Permanence"; International Sociological Association Research Committee 43 - Housing and the Built Environment International Conference, Alexandria, Virginia; June, 1997.
• 1997 Paper: "Assessing Access Floor and Systems Furniture Interfaces"; Interior Design Educators Council International Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio.
• 1996 Panel Organization and Presentation, Build Boston / AIA Changing Workplace Symposium, Boston, November, 1996; with Jack Beckering, Steelcase North America, and Professor John Habraken, MIT.
• 1996 Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Tokyo: House Japan Project presentations on DIY Activity in the US and Housing Performance Indicators for Consumers in the US.
• 1996 Paper presentation, IDEC International Conference, Denver.
• 1995 Paper presentation "Prospects for Open Building in the United States Housing Industry", Nanjing, PRC.
• 1995 Meiji University, Chiba University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Takenaka Corporation, The Architectural Institute of Japan; seven lectures on building systems, open building, and "The Entangled American House".
• 1995 Tainan, ROC (National Cheng-Kung University) , and Taipai, ROC; Workshops on Open Building in the Asia-Pacific Region: "Prospects for Open Building in the United States".
• 1994 International Congress on Design and Decision Support Systems, Vaals, The Netherlands; "Control of Parts: Parts Making in the Building Industry".
• 1994 Latrobe Society Washington Chapter, Society of Architectural Historians, "Beyond the Mall"; National Building Museum; paper: "Greenbelt, Maryland: Continuity and Change".
• 1994 MIT Department of Architecture, Department of Architecture, visiting lecturer for Professor Eric Dluhosch.
• 1993 Steelcase North America Workshop "Revaluing Buildings: Investing Inside Buildings to Support Organizational and Technical Change", Grand Rapids.
• 1992 MIT Department of Architecture Building Technology Program seminar: "The Entangled American House".
• 1992 10th Annual ACSA Technology Conference, U C San Diego; paper: "Building Capacity: Preparing Residential Buildings for a Sustainable Future."
• 1991 Architectural Research Centers Consortium Conference: "Reflections on Representation", SUNY Buffalo (paper presented)
• 1991 Living Amenity Association of the Center for Better Living (MOC); Architectural Institute of Japan, Subcommittee on Wooden Construction.
• 1991 9th ACSA Technology Conference, Harvard University; "Teaching About Making Buildings: A Way to Understand Relations of Designing to Making".
• 1990 "Recent Dutch Experience in Combining Production and Custom Housing"; report on emerging housing practices to the AIA Housing Committee.
• 1989 Building Virginia 89, Sponosored by the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects, Task Force on Social Responsibility, Oct, "A New Paradigm for Affordable Housing".
• 1989 Seminar presentation to the National Association of Homebuilders National Research Center, "Infill Systems in the US Market"
• 1989 7th Annual ACSA Technology Symposium, Baton Rouge. La., Paper title: "On Design Reasoning: Lessons from Teaching Architectural Technology".
• 1989 MIT Department of Architecture Workshop on "Open Building Research and Practice"; session moderator on "Implications of Open Building for the US"
• 1988 CIB Working Commission 89, Building Research and Education, London, "Can Building Research Make Good Pedagogy?"
• 1987 Invited Paper presentation; Wood Frame Housing '87 International Conference, Oslo, Norway, Sept. 1987: Session 3 Production and Economy: "Shell/Infill: A Technical Study of a New Strategy for 2x4 Housebuilding". (Sponsored by Weyerhaeuser Company)
• 1987 Panelist, "Future Technologies and Methods for the Housing Industry; National Association of Homebuilders Convention.
• 1986 Round Table Participant; Swedish Housing Technology Colloquium, Mississippi State University School of Architecture, 1985 Department of Architecture, State University of New York at Buffalo; seminar and teaching results on Support Housing.
• 1984 Departments of Architecture, University of Tokyo; Kyoto University; Osaka University; Chiba University.
• 1982 Environmental Design Research Association EDRA 13, workshop participation: "The Design Professions: Research on the Design Professions: Implications for Professional Education and Practice".
• 1982 School of Architecture, Mississippi State University "Chautauqua on Small Towns Research: Research and Design in the American Small Town".

Architectural Competitions

• 1985 Architect of Record with Paul Lukez, Designer; INFILLHOUSING Competition for Harlem; Honorable Mention.
• 1975 Initiator and Coordinator of entry to the INTERNATIONAL DESIGN COMPETITION IN MANILA (in preparation for Habitat/ Vancouver); work at the SAR in Holland with international team of architects.
• 1974 STEEDMAN COMPETITION IN ARCHITECTURE, sponsored by Washington University School of Architecture. Winner: Neighborhood Revitalization/ Rehabilitation (Project). ($5000 prize for international travel, in the Netherlands, Japan, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico).

Professional Consulting

• 2001 Duncan and Associates, Inc. Review of the Kansas City Zoning Ordinance.
• 1996-1997 Bensonwood Homes Company, Inc., New Hampshire (Timber Frame Builder implementing Open Building in design and construction)
• 1996 Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Tokyo (technical reports)
• 1994 Armstrong World Industries (advising)
• 1990 Matura International, Delft, The Netherlands (advising and technical services)
• 1990 General Electric Living Environments (consulting on building systems)
• 1989 Infill Systems, Inc, Netherlands, representing the company at the opening of the GE Living Environments Prototype House.
• 1989 Hollandsche Beton Groep, The Netherlands; briefings in New York, Boston, Chicago: development of Infill Systems in the US
• 1989 Nippon Steel/Nikken Sekkei
• 1988 USG, Technology Planning Group, Research Center, Report on Infill Systems development in the Netherlands and Japan.
• 1988 G.E. Advanced Design and Development Group, Pittsfield, Mass. Presentation of Infill Systems concepts.
• 1987 Workgroup KOKON, Architects, Rotterdam, developed team of architects, contractors and development professionals for Battery Park City Authority Affordable Family Housing Project, NYC. SOM, Architects; Turner Construction, Ballast Nedam; short listed
• 1987 Weyerhaeuser Company: report on Dutch developments on Infill Systems for housing, and Wood Frame Housing '87 Conf. in Oslo.
• 1986 Dutch Ministry of Housing, Physical Environment Planning; Building Policy Coordination Department.

Academic and Professional Service

• Department of Architecture search committees (2002-2004)
• Department of Architecture Curriculum committees (2000-2004)
• Assistant Chair, Department of Architecture (2001-2003)
• College of Architecture and Planning representative - University Graduate Education Committee; chair, subcommittee on Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (2002-2003)
• College of Architecture and Planning representative - University Academic Policies Committee (2004-present)
• College of Architecture and Planning College Council (1999-present)
• Joint Coordinator, CIB Commission W104 Open Building Implementation (1996-present)
• Editorial Board, Open House International (a peer reviewed journal) (1985-present)
• Vice-Chair for Research, National Consortium of Housing Research Centers (2003-2008)

Professional Architectural and Interior Design Practice

• 1965-70 Coop Program, University of Cincinnati:
Bednarski, Falconer and Stein, Greenfield, MA (residential, schools)
Haag and d'Entremont, Philadelphia, PA. (schools)
Haines Lundberg and Waehler, NYC (campus planning, medical research)
The Architects Collaborative, Cambridge, MA. (schools, residences)
• 1971-72 The Hillier Partnership, Princeton, NJ. (student center, urban design, housing, golf-clubs, schematics and CD's)
• 1975-81 Private projects (residential design, for projects built in Missouri, Illinois, and Puerto Rico; design/build in Illinois and Puerto Rico)
• 1978-81 The Christner Partnership, St. Louis, MO. Associate. (schools, hospitals, renovation, private residences, medical office buildings, sports club, interiors work, ranging from $300,000 to $40 million)
• 1991-present Architectural consulting (residential)

Professional Registration, Memberships

• Architectural Registration, Missouri, 1979, no. A-3796
• Member, CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction) (1996 - present)
• Member, National Consortium of Housing Research Centers (1999 - present)

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