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Tedd Benson
Author and Founder of Bensonwood Homes

Since 1974, Tedd Benson has been the founding owner of Bensonwood Homes. During that time, Tedd has championed high-performance, sustainable homebuilding—always with an emphasis on innovation, quality, and social responsibility. He and the company have been featured on a number of shows in the PBS series, This Old House, as well as Good Morning America, and the Today Show. In addition, Tedd has authored four seminal books on timberframing, the first of which, Building the Timber Frame House, (Scribner’s Sons, 1980, Simon & Schuster, 1995) was instrumental in the revival of this centuries-old form of building with heavy timber. Over the past decade, Tedd’s unwavering search for a new and better way to build has resulted in an exclusive design/build system called Open-Built®. Open-Built acknowledges what actually happens with buildings over time and seeks to eliminate inefficiencies and waste during construction. In 2011, Tedd fulfilled one of his lifelong goals of making quality homes more affordable through his introduction of the 3B Matrix™, a series of Open-Built components that offer a myriad of design possibilities while greatly reducing the design and engineering costs normally associated with high quality construction. In 2011, Bensonwood received a “TOP 10” Green Building Products award for their sustainable, R-35 OB PlusWall.

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