what is architecture in the fourth dimension

We are pleased to have the photographs from the conference event available for viewing and downloading from this site.

You can open the photo galleries from the links below. You may also right-click on an image to open it in a new window, from which you may right-click a second time and choose 'save as' to do download a copy (note: this requires both your browser and your Adobe Flash plug-ins are fully updated).

November 15th - Morning - Welcome Events and Keynotes
November 15th - Afternoon - Competition and Charrette Presentations
November 16th - Keynotes, Panels, and Seminars
November 17th - Keynotes and Farewell Dinner

• Dr. Stephen Kendall, Conference Chair; Prof., Ball State University, Joint Coordinator, CIB W104
• Michael Gibson, Conference Co-Chair; Assist. Prof., Ball State University
• Dr. Jia Beisi, Assoc. Prof., University of Hong King, Joint Coordinator, CIB W104
• Dr. Kazunobu Minami, Prof., Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo; Joint Coordinator, CIB W104
• Dr. Shin Murakami, Prof., Sugiyama Jogakuen University, Nagoya; Joint Coordinator, CIB W104
• Michelle Jiang Yingying, Secretary for China Affairs, CIB W104. michelle.jyy@gmail.com

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