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Giorgio Macchi
Dipl. architect ETH/SIA
Director and chief architect of the Office for Real-Estate and Public Buildings of the Canton Bern

Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich - ETH 1968-74

Professional activities

Since 1999
Director and chief architect of the office for real-estate and public building-constructions of the canton Bern.
Bern Facts: portfolio-value: 5 billion CHF; 2000 public buildings; investments p.a. 200 millions CHF; average building status 80%; staff members 80; population of Canton Bern - 1 million
Main entrepreneurial objective: promote buildings that are useful for a very long time, efficiently maintainable, effectively transformable and feature cultural identity.
2004 change management: merger of the public building office and the real-estate administration; design and development of a professional organization with owner and construction competences.
Certification ISO 14001 with specific targets in renewable energy, timber construction, concrete recycling.
Implementation of strategic principles for sustainable development of the real-estate portfolio and for sustainable design and realization of building-construction with special regard to the programmatic concept of system separation (structural separation of components, flexibility of primary systems, availability of building areas.
2001 change management: implementation of three core competences: portfolio management; facility management and project management.

1974 - 1999
Project director at the office for public buildings of the Canton Bern
Consulting in healthcare projects and planning
Associated lecturer at the Bern University of Applied Sciences

Chief assistant at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich - ETH 1990-91

Reiterstrasse 11, 3011 Bern, CH

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