Open Building Degital Booklet

CIB W104 is now preparing for a Booklet including many Open Building examples from all over the world. While waiting for the publication, we provide a part of the booklet on this website.
(Responsible Person: Prof. JIA Beisi)

Open Building Booklet (updated on Jul.1, 2009) →Download: PDF File (8,844KB)

Available Papers

• Wang Q., Jia B. 2023, A comparative longevity study of traditional buildings between rural and urban areas in Pearl River Delta, China, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering (just accepted). →Download: PDF File (12,091KB)

• Ogawa, H., Fukao, S., Yamazaki, S., Kobayashi, K., Kadowaki, K., Minami, S. 2006, Development of a New Elevator Addition System for Aged Residential Buildings, Proceedings of the Joint CIB, Tensinet, IASS International Conference on Adaptability in Design and Construction "adaptables 2006", Vol. 1, pp. 149-154 →Download: PDF File (752KB)

• Kadowaki, K., Fukao, S. 2005, Factors in the Plumbed Installations Positioning in Multi-unit Residential Buildings, Proceedings of the 2005 Would Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo "Action for Sustainability" (CD-ROM) →Download: PDF File (851KB)

• Ogawa, H., Kadowaki, K., Fukao, S. 2005, Actual Conditions of Elevators Adddition to the Aged Public Housing in Japan and a Proposal of an Altanative Method, Proceedings of the 2005 Would Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo "Action for Sustainability" (CD-ROM) →Download: PDF File (1,575KB)

• Kadowaki, K., Fukao, S. 2004, Relationships and Causal Structure among Building Design Parameters of Dwelling Unit in Multi-unit Residential Building, Proceedings of the Conference of the CIB W104 Open Building Implementation "Open Building and Sustainable Environment" (CD-ROM) →Download: PDF File (86KB)

• Minami, K., 2004, Continuity and Regeneration of the Orders in City Space, Journal of Architecture and Building Science, The Architectural Institute of Japan, Vol. 119, No. 1520, pp. 50-53 →Download: PDF File (1,447KB)

• Minami, K., 2004, The Whole Life Cost of Post Offices Based on a Survey of Actual Conditions and Consideration of Investment Correction, Journal of Facilities Management, Henry Stewart Publications, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 382-407 →Download: PDF File (818KB)

• Kadowaki, K., Fukao, S., Arahira, T. 2003, Regeneration with Dwelling Unit Enlargement of Public Housing in Japan, Proceedings of the Conference of the CIB W104 Open Building Implementation "Dense Living Urban Structures", pp. 267-275 →Download: PDF File (971KB)

• Kadowaki, K., Fukao, S. et al. 2000, Quantitative Evaluation Method of the Capacity of Skeletons used in SI Housing, Proceedings of the Conference of the CIB W104 Open Building Implementation "Continuous Customization in Housing" (CIB Report Publication 254), pp. 133-140 →Download: PDF File (507KB)

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